Healing and feeling better

Healing and feeling better are two different things.

Many people focus on getting rid of symptoms (emotional or physical pain for instance), assuming that if they feel better, there are no problems. Mainstream, conventional medicine also tends to focus on this.

But, if you imagine that our bodies are like a car, when we feel ill, when we have some discomfort, it is equivalent to lamp bulbs lighting up in our dashboard. Wanting to just get rid of the symptom is like unscrewing the lit bulbs in our dashboard in the false assumption that if we do so, problems will be resolved.

Although the process of unscrewing the bulbs is the same, unscrewing different bulbs have more or less serious consequences.

In a car, if we unscrew the bulb telling us that we’re running out of petrol, the worst that can happen is that we might run out of petrol eventually.

If we unscrew the bulb that is telling us that the engine is running out of oil, we might eventually have to buy a new engine.

If we unscrew the bulb telling us that the breaks are failing, this could eventually lead to death.

The process of unscrewing a bulb is the same but the consequences are different.

We need the dashboard lights on until we can find out what is going wrong under the bonnet and, if we don’t know what the lit dashboard light means, we need to find out, even if we have to trace the path of the wires to find out from which part of the car they come from.

Our body’s dashboard has many more lights than a car’s and we only know very little about what they mean. Unscrewing any of those bulbs can lead to consequences many years later.

Medication can be important and necessary. Symptomatic relief can be useful in order to give us a ‘breathing space’ so that we can start the process of repairing whatever is responsible for our discomfort and restoring balance in our organism.

Your body continuously tries to maintain or restore balance and health and all it needs is to be given a chance. In order to do this it simply needs the appropriate environment and raw materials that only you can give it. Our bodies and minds just need good nourishment.

Only you can stop or reverse the process of illness, only you can avoid what is harmful to your body or mind. You are more powerful than any medicine and any intervention.

When you use your mind, your have powers only limited by your imagination.

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